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Mr Six 2015 Torrent

Mr Six 2015 Torrent

Download Movie Mr Six 2015 720p ESubs Torrent

Mr Six 2015 Torrent


Movie: Mr. Six
Detected quality: TeleSync, TS720P X264

Genres: Action, Drama

Release date: 18 December 2015
Director: Hu Guan

Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Chinese

Cast: Xiaogang Feng, Shan Jiang, Yi Feng Li, Ju-Gang Bai and others

Summary: A former Beijing crime boss swings back into action when his son is kidnapped by thugs.

Director: Guan Hu
Screenwriter: Guan Hu / Dong Runnian
Starring: Feng Xiaogang / Xu Qing / Zhang Han Yu / Liu Hua / Li Yi Feng / More …
Genre: Drama / Action / Crime
Producer countries / regions: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin
Release date: 2015-12-24 (China Mainland) / 2015-09-09 (Venice Film Festival)
Duration: 137 minutes (China Mainland) / 140 minutes (Venice Film Festival Edition)
AKA: Mr. Six / Fading Wave

old cannon child’s Synopsis · ·
old cannon children in Beijing dialect, refers specifically mention Liuniao cage, nothing old bully children.
Liu Ye , had been “run amok,” one old cannon old Beijing children, now live leisurely day, but did not want his son Xiaobo was involved with the “Xiaoye” Small Fei dispute. Liu Ye tries to come forward to settle this dispute, and old friend got bored three children, phonograph, Shade children to help, but found that this age group have a new ” if things people “who this status to Wanzhu has been shaken, and stick to the conventional way of life has gradually been abandoned by age, Get the lead out whether it still capable of rice?

Mr Six 2015 Torrent
Mr Six 2015 Torrent
Mr Six 2015 Torrent
Mr Six 2015 Torrent
Mr Six 2015 Torrent

▶ [ENG|720P] 151120 Kris Wu 《老炮儿》 Mr Six Trailer

♦ Mr Six 2015 Torrent

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Mr Six 2015 Torrent

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